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The ski jumping arena was built for the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994, and has become the iconic symbol of Lillehammer internationally. At a distance, you can see the magnificent hill naturally situated in the landscape.

In the summer-time, you will see the Olympic rings on the landing area of the hill, and the hill records are clearly marked on both hills.

The technically modern ski jumping facility was completed in 1992 and consists of a large and a small hill, HS138 and HS100, respectively.

The large hill was upgraded in 2007. The shape of the hill was altered to comply with current regulations and a plastic groundcover was installed for summer ski jumping.

Approximately 80,000 jumps are made during the winter and about 20,000 during the summer. Ski jumpers are in action practically every day year-round.

The HS 138 hill record for winter ski jumping was set by Simon Amman at 146 metres in 2009 and for summer ski jumping by Tom Hilde at 145 metres in 2011. The winter record on HS 100 was set by Andreas Kofler at 105 metres in 2011, and the summer record was set by Daniela Iraschko at 106 metres in 2010. 

Gift Shop
There are kiosks at the top and bottom of the hill. The kiosks offer refreshments and a wide range of gifts, including Olympic Park souvenirs. For opening hours, please see opening hours for the chairlift.

A chairlift will take you from the bottom of the hill to the ski jumping tower at the top of the largest hill. From the open-air terrace at the Ski Jumping Tower, you can enjoy a panorama view of Lillehammer and Lake Mjøsa. This is a popular site for visitors to take photos.

You can also ride the chairlift down the hill to get a feel of what the ski jumpers experience soaring down the hill. If you are in decent shape, you are welcome to walk the 954 steps up or down the ski jumping hill for free.

Lighting the Olympic Flame
During the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the lighting of the Olympic Flame was a popular and symbolic part of the festivities. The original Olympic Torch has been rebuilt. A specially-made hand torch is now used to light the Olympic Torch at the arena.

The secret underground hiding place of the Vetts. The hiding place the Vetts and other underground creatures miraculously appeared from during the Opening Ceremony is still in use under the landing section of the hill. You can visit this room that has a capacity of 25 persons.

Dancing Vetts, Trolls and other creatures can be hired, and music and candles will create a genuinely supernatural atmosphere. 

The Ski Jumping Tower holds up to 20 persons for meals or just a snack. The Judge’s Tower features the Royal balcony that provides a magnificent view of the Ski Jumping facility and the city. It is also possible to organize meals either outdoors or indoors at the site for up to 20 persons. Several meeting rooms in the Judge’s Tower are also available for rent during events as well.

Facilities at the Ski Jumping
Sound and lighting equipment, toilet facilities and spectator stands (for up to 50,000 persons), technical systems and major parking facilities are in place for all types of events.

Check out the many possibilities to organize memorable activities and events.

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