Wondering what to do this weekend? Or maybe it's the family vacation that should be filled with something fun? We've compiled some of Olympic Park's best winter activities that we think will be perfect outings for families with children of all ages.

  1. Skiing for the whole family

Whether you have big or small children, skiing is always a success. We recommend our fantastic ski runs at the Birkebeineren Ski Stadium. From here you can take the kids on short and easy skiing in newly repaired trails around the stadium. You can easily customize the route to the family level. Feel free to bring your packed lunch and enjoy it in our gap hawks or visit the Skistua Café which offers food, drink and heat.

2. For families with children over 5 years

Winter's most popular activity for families with children is clearly tobogganing in the Kanthaugen Freestyling facility. Here you can enjoy the view over Lillehammer while you rush down the newly repaired trails on our super-sleds! You can easily attach the toboggan to the lift that pulls you all the way to the top. We have family packages that include lift passes, toboggan, helmet and glasses for the whole family

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3. For families with children over 10 years

If you want an activity with more speed and excitement, we recommend trying our very unique winter activity bob rafting. Just 15 minutes north of Lillehammer you will find the Nordic's only bob and toboggan run where you can experience one of our most adrenaline-filled winter activities. Bobraft is a rubber bob with a top speed of 100km / h and can accommodate 5 passengers. The activity has an age limit of 10 years and the bob is controlled by one of our authorized pilots.

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4. For the toughest!

Are you ready for the most intense winter experience? Then taxi tax is our best tip! You will feel the adrenaline at a speed of up to 120 km / h and the pressure of 5G on the body. As one of the few courses in the world used for top-level bobs, we offer an extraordinary experience! Afterwards, you will receive a diploma and membership in the 5G club. An authorized pilot controls the bob and can also carry up to 3 passengers.

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5. A fun evening activity

Three evenings a week, we make the Kanthaugen Freestyle style ready for downhill skiing. The trails are perfect for both experienced and fresh skiers. This is an affordable and centrally located alternative that is perfect for families with children.

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