Infection control in the Olympic Park

To limit infection by covid-19, all our facilities and activities are adapted so that infection control rules are observed. We also ask that all our guests follow the authorities' general advice on infection control. Olympic Park measures and  Opening hours are subject to change at short notice.  Updated status for each facility can be found on this page.

Birkebeineren Ski Stadium

  • The plant is open and normally operated
  • Encouraged to keep a good distance during training
  • Biathletes are asked to follow the Norwegian Biathlon Association "Corona rules" that you find here

Lysgårdbakken Ski Jumping Arena

  • Stricter cleaning of contact surfaces and toilets
  • Everyone who uses a chairlift must use hand disinfection before and after the lift ride. Anitbac stations are located at boarding and disembarking.
  • Maximum 1 person per chairlift, unless you are from the same household.

Håkons Hall

Separate infection control rules for users of the plant.
More info about this can be found here

Lillehammer Olympic Bob & Luge Track


Tourist activity is carried out with approved infection control measures. Among other things, face masks used under the helmet and reduced number of passengers to achieve distance between pilot and passengers. All equipment is disinfected between each guest. Only guests from the same cohort can drive together. Instructions will be given before carrying out the activity.


the sport follows the association's and the course's infection control rules:

  • Do not attend training if you are ill and report immediately to the manager / trainer if you become ill during training.
  • Wash or disinfect your hands before training and generally practice good infection control before, during and after each training session.
  • Maximum 20 athletes in each training group including trainer.
  • Avoid mixing practitioners over and under 20 years of age.
  • Avoid exchanging people between groups. If changing, it must be 2 days before joining a new group.
  • Avoid physical contact and keep a distance of 1 m.
  • Occasional and short-term physical contact during exercise is permitted for athletes under 20 years of age.
  • Do not cough, sneeze or spit within 2m distance of another person and use disposable wipes if necessary
  • Limit hand-to-face contact and touch as little common equipment and objects as possible.
  • Clean with soap and water, disinfect, all common equipment and walkie-talkie before and after use and if necessary switch between people.
  • Use of a cloakroom is allowed if there is enhanced cleaning there, but avoid physical contact between people and clothes.
  • Have a distance of 2 meters between the cohorts.

Kanthaugen alpine & freestyle facility

The page is updated continuously.