Saturday 28. September enters the history book for both the Olympic Park and Handball Norway. This became the story of the "little" Elverum Handball that invited all of Norway to battle against the star team Paris Saint-Germain, and at the same time promised that this would be the largest and toughest handball show ever organized in Norway. With Håkons Hall as the arena and a large number of partners, this would quickly prove to be of great interest. The tickets were torn down and the previous audience record from the 11 200 crowd was knocked down several days before the match. The stands were then expanded and even more tickets were released. When the day finally came, there was no doubt that this would be both a record and a fantastic show. The entire 12 377 audience redeemed their tickets at Håkons Hall this evening and the show could begin. And show it was! Elverum proved to be able to bite well and give PSG proper resistance. The crowd was tremendous and the excitement was really touching! Even though Elverum did not bring home the victory this rainy September evening, we can say that "little" Elverum did something amazing! If you weren't an Elverum fan before this match, you probably got it after experiencing this!

This was magical!