Wheelbob and paintball

- a unique combination of action and adrenaline rush!

Lillehammer Olympic Bob and Akebane are the only in the Nordic countries to offer this perfect activity package. We can offer 2500kvm outdoor paintball court where you can have competitions such as "Last man standing" and "Capture the flag". Wheelbob is a fast-paced experience where you can reach up to 100 km / h and a press of 3G.

The package requires at least 10 people and must be booked in advance. The season for the wheelbob lasts May - September.

NOK 650, -

Booking Inquiry
A person plays paintball

Wheelbob and paintball can be found here

Lillehammer Olympic bob and luge track: Hunderfossvegen 680, 2625 Fåberg

Order wheelbob and paintball here

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