Håkons hall sports center offers two advanced golf simulators, which allow you to play on the most recognized golf courses in the world. We can offer one of the world's most advanced software: E6Golf Simulator Software from Trugolf, one of the world's leading players in golf simulator software. Recommended number of players is 4, but there may be up to 8 people playing at the same time. We at the Sports Center are more than happy to get the game started, otherwise you should not spend a little extra time the first time to understand how the simulator is operated. Own clubs and balls are used, but there are also possibilities for renting this at the reception.

Six golf clubs

Prices and technical facts

Software: E6Golf Simulator Software, Trugolf

688 independent sensors detect the ball 50 times per second

Full Swing simulates reading of the ball 3 times per stroke - draw, fade, slide and hook are thus read by

Estimated time per person (18 hole): 1 hour

200 kr / hour per simulator

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