Håkons hall sports center offers two advanced golf simulators, which provide the opportunity to play on the most renowned golf courses in the world. The recommended number of players is 4, but there can be up to 8 people playing at the same time. We at the Sports Center are more than happy to help get the game started, otherwise you should set aside a little extra time the first time to familiarize yourself with how the simulator is operated. 

2 simulators allow for 4-8 players at the same time

Choose from 80 courses worldwide

688 sensors detect the ball 50000 times per second

The Full Swing simulator reads the ball 3 times per stroke - draw, fade, slide and hook

Upgraded simulators in 2021

Technical specifications

  • Software: E6Golf Simulator Software, Trugolf
  • 688 independent sensors
  • 50 registrations per second
  • Full swing simulator


Per hour / per simulator

Student NOK 180

Minimum 60 min
Estimated time per person (18 hole): 1 hour

Cutting card 10 hours NOK 1850

All prices include VAT. The booking fee is in addition to online booking.

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Golf courses

Here you see a selection of the total of 80 courses you can play on.

The tracks are provided by E6Golf Simulator Software, Trugolf

Contact us

Håkon Hall Sports Center

Håkon's hall, Nordsetervegen 45, 2618 Lillehammer
+47 414 43 792

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