We will reopen on 4 May 2024

Unique fast-paced experience!

Wheel bob is the summer's answer to bob. Feel the adrenaline rush in a fast-paced experience in the Nordic region's only hot tub. This is one of the most action-packed activities in the summer season. Here you get the feeling of up to 3G when the bob drives at around 100 km/h. The pilot controls the bob, you are the passenger. You will never forget this!

NB! Remember to pre-order tickets - Limited number per day!

The wheel arch travels at 100 km / h

Experience a push of 3G in the turns

An authorized pilot steers the bob

You get training and borrow safety equipment

The bobsled track from the Olympics in 1994 is a full 1710 meters long!

The activity


Minimum 2 passengers
Maximum 3 passengers

(Not possible to order for only 1 person)


The experience takes approx. 15 minutes (meet 15 minutes before)


Do you want a video of the experience? Talk to the track crew on arrival

Custom experience

In the event of severe functional impairment (physical, eg the lamb from the breast / waist) contact us before ordering to adapt the experience.

Important info

Age limit

10 years w / parents and 12 years without parents

Health requirements

We do not offer the activity to pregnant women or people who have / have had problems with their back, neck, heart or lungs


Follow the instructions given on arrival. In addition, all passengers must read and understand the safety rules before arrival.

Read safety rules

Opening hours & prices

Opening hours

The season lasts from May to September. To see available days, proceed to ticket booking


1275, - per turn / bob
(minimum 2 pers. / max. 3 pers. per tour)

The ticket is valid per bob/trip (not per person).



  • Safety equipment
  • Transport to the top
  • opplæring
  • Wheelboat trip w / authorized pilot

Lillehammer Olympic bobsleigh and toboggan run

The track was built for the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994 and the only bobsled track in the entire Nordic region. In the winter, the course is frozen and used by professional bobsledders, farmers and skeleton athletes from all over the world. As a guest, you can join as a passenger in the winter bobraft or taxi boob where you get to experience speeds up to 120 km / h and a push of 5G!

Opening hours

To see the available days for the wheel bob proceed to the order page.

See available time slots

You can drive wheelbob here

Lillehammer Olympic bob and luge track: Hunderfossvegen 680, 2625 Fåberg

Public transport

If you must use public transport, you can contact Domestic traffic for information on seasonal bus routes to Hunderfossen. You can also take the train to Hunderfossen station. See vy.no for information on train times. Walking distance from Hunderfossen station to the bobsleigh is 1,5 km.