About the arena

Just above Håkon Hall lies Lysgårdsbakkene Hoppanlegg which was built for the Olympics at Lillehammer in 1994, and has become the hallmark of Lillehammer. On a long distance you can see the beautiful hill that slides naturally into the landscape. You can take the chairlift up to the top of the largest hill and enjoy the panoramic view over Lillehammer town and Norway's largest lake, Mjøsa. The jumping tower is a popular photo stop for all visitors. From there, you can choose to take the 936 steps down again, or feel the sweeping feeling in the chairlift.

The jumping facility is top modern and was finished in 1992 with both a large and small hill, on HS140 and HS98 respectively. In 2007, the large ground was modernized and changed according to current rules and with plastic decks. Today, Lysgårdsbakkene is one of three national ski resorts in Norway and houses several international competitions such as the Olympic Games 1994, the Youth Olympics 2016, the World Cup and Raw Air.

During the year, 100 000 jumps will be held in Lysgårdsbakkene, with 80 000 jump in the winter season and 20 000 during the summer season. Then here is the opportunity to see jumpers in action almost every day.

The baking records are visible in both hills during daylight saving time. The current records in the big tray are Simon Annan, 146 meter in winter and Tom Hilde, 145 meter this summer. In the small hill there is Andreas Kofler who has the record with his 105 meter in the winter, while Daniela Iraschko has 106 meters in the summer.

In the Lysgårdsbakkene jump system you can find kiosks down the slope and in the jump tower. Here you can find unique souvenirs and some kiosk items.

For companies and groups we have the opportunity to give an experience out of the ordinary. In the Olympic spirit, we can offer opening ceremonies with ignition of the Olympic fire in the plant and we also have dining for up to 20 people in the Hopptårnet or at the Kongetribunen.

Office hours

Mon-Fri: kl. 08: 00-15: 00

Kanthaugen freestyleanlegg

Next to the jumping facility lies Kanthaugen. Kanthaugen was the arena for bullet driving, freestyle and ballet during the Olympics of 1994. Here we now offer kayaking and other activities throughout the winter. The hill is about 1 km long and is light for evening driving. The deck is connected directly to the elevator to the top before you can sow down the groomed road.

Technical facts Lysgårdsbakken:

  • Sound and Lighting
  • toilets
  • Tribunal capacity: approximately 50 000
  • Large parking areas


The staff at Lysgårdsbakkene hopper

Asgeir Bjerke

Head of department, Lysgårdsbakkene Hoppanlegg
+47 481 43 990

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