Do you need contributions to club cash?

Our vision is to be an arena for memorable experiences for all stages in an event production. Which official for the Olympic Park you have opportunity to learn more about implementation of large events, in in addition to giving you the opportunity to get to know each other with many others with the same interest. With us, everyone is welcome, regardless of previous experience!

In order to have a predictable event implementation, we would like to come until agreements on regular delivery of volunteer staff to the various arrangements. This will also provide predictability for the teams that are with us, and it will make the job of volunteer leaders in the club easier. We have several sections where we is happy to give the club responsibility for staffing the entire section - and we will definitely find out a section that suits their capacity.

Of course, it is also possible to contribute without a fixed agreement. We use the charity portal rubic for administration of volunteer work in connection with events. For teams and associations, we recommend that the volunteer manager is a member of our volunteer pool. The person in question will then receive information when events are posted, and can then take one themselves decision on whether this is an event you see for you to be able to contribute to.

Each event will have its own sign-up where everyone who contributes, mustn't be registered. When the event is over, it's over, and the registered officials will not automatically receive any further info about upcoming events unless they even chooses to sign up as a member. You will also find info about events which are open for registration via "My page" in rubic (applies only to those who are registered in the portal for Lillehammer Olympic Park, not those who are only registered as officials in the events).

We pay a voluntary contribution of NOK 90 per hour. The duration of the guards depends on arrangement and section. So that teams / associations must be able to get their contribution, they must be registered voluntary register.

In addition to the financial contribution, receives all officials a volunteer package consisting of Bjørn Dæhlie jacket, hat and gloves if they bind up to 25 hours contribution!

In order for teams / associations to be able to get their dues contribution, they must be registered in voluntary register.

In order for Russian buses to receive their daily allowance for the bus, the bus must be registered in the unit register.


The daily allowance is NOK 90, - per hour.

Upcoming events with volunteer needs

World Cup Lillehammer 2022

Cross-country skiing, jumping and combined
Lysgårdsbakkene and the Birkebineren ski stadium
1.-4. December 2022

Raw air 2022

Lysgårdbakken Ski Jumping Arena


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