On Thursday, March 12, Lillehammer Olympiapark AS decided to cancel Landstreff Lillehammer 1-3. May 2020 in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We have chosen to make an early decision in order to give the Russians plenty of time to handle the cancellation in the best possible way. This will, among other things, allow for cancellation of hotels, travel and other costs that are outside the organizer's responsibility. Costs associated with festival passes and other services directly related to Landstreff Lillehammer will be reimbursed to all Russians. The refund will be made automatically within a few days via our ticket supplier Ticketmaster. Tickets and services that may be resold will not be refunded to the new owner.

We have worked closely with artists, suppliers and partners to find a financial deal that we can all live with in this situation. Here, all parties have shown understanding and flexibility in a demanding situation. This was crucial in order to guarantee the Russian full refund. We thank all artists, suppliers and partners for putting the health of Russia ahead of the economy and their own needs.

We urge the 2020 Russian to take this situation seriously and hope for understanding that the event will unfortunately have to be canceled. In the future, we will focus on the Landreffet in 2021, and more information will be available in the spring.

We all wish Russ a nice Russian celebration, although not everything became as we hoped for in 2020.