Welcome to the heat!

Visit us next time! Our café can be found in the middle of the ski track at Birkebeineren ski stadium, a perfect start / stop whether you are on a cuddle or training trip. We offer, among other things, cocoa, coffee, pastries, chocolate and much more. In the winter of 2022, we move from Skistua and into the newly renovated target house right by the parking lot. More info to come…


With us you can buy coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, chocolate, pastries, toast etc. If you need a little refill of energy after training, we can also offer a selection of sports drinks and sports bars.

Opening hours

More info to come

You can find us here

Birkebeineren Ski Stadium, Sjøsetervegen 29, 2618 Lillehammer

Do you want to rent the premises?

Whether you are celebrating a confirmation, wedding or birthday, you can rent the premises for your own events. The premises are suitable for smaller parties with 10 - 30 people. We collaborate with catering supplier Paa bordet AS who can deliver food to the company. The premises have good toilet facilities and parking space. In addition, we can offer accommodation at Birkebeineren stadion sportell.

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