On Friday 19 March 2021 came the phone call we have been waiting for a long time. The government has allocated NOK 10 million to the Olympic Park as a one-time grant due to our financial loss as a result of the pandemic.

Ever since the closure in March 2020, the Olympic Park has suffered major financial losses as a result of the corona pandemic. We applied for support for the first time in the summer of 2020, but were not granted support as we are municipally owned.

Abid Raja to NRK:

- The park is of great national importance and interest. It is due to the very special position they hold that the ministry exceptionally grants this one-off grant.As they are publicly owned, this has been a very difficult nut to crack legally, says Raja.

We would like to thank the government and everyone who has worked to achieve this. This has been incredibly important for the future of the Olympic Park.

Now we look ahead and look forward to more magical moments in the Olympic Park!