Terms of sale


Tobogganing is not allowed for:

  1. People affected by alcohol or other intoxicants.
  2. Persons under 5 years. Children between 5 and 9 years are only allowed to drive with an adult.
  3. Pregnant.
  4. People who have / have had problems with their back or neck.


  1. Make sure you have the helmet in the correct size and that the chin strap is tightened properly.
  2. Instructions can also be seen on screen in the facility. Follow the instructions carefully


  1. When boarding - sit on the sledge, grab the t-hook and attach the round bowl to the steering wheel. Hold the steering wheel until you reach the top
  2. When disembarking - lift the t-hook off the steering wheel and turn to the side. If you have problems, get off the sled. We have video surveillance.
  3. If the accident is out and you fall off the sledge in the elevator, put the sledge to the side and go down. Alfa is not carry the sledge down as it is heavy and you could injure yourself or others. Report to the employees and they will pick up the sled.


  1. The brake lever is on the right side of the steering wheel and is pulled upwards. Use the brake continuously so as not to have too much speed.
  2. The descent is about 1 km long.
  3. If you have to stop on the ground, pull the sledge out to the edge so that others can drive past you unhindered.
  4. In case of problems, or if you do not want to drive more, put the sled on the outside of the hill and go down. Report to the lift guard where the sledge is.
  5. Keep a good distance between the sleds. It is important to adjust the speed. The risk of accident is high at high speeds. It is Alfa is not allowed to race.
  6. When you have finished driving, park the toboggan next to the barracks.
  7. It is prohibitiont to stay on the plain as sledges can come at high speed.
  8. The sleds should only be used on pre-ground. It is forbidden to run into the slopes for alpine and freeski jumping.
  9. In case of damage or accident, notify the lift operator immediately.

We have taken a number of measures to avoid the spread of covid-19.
These are points we wish you as a customer have made in advance


  • There are handshakes outside the entrance area, as well as at other strategic locations in the facility
  • Keep a minimum of 2 meters away from others
  • All bookings must be prepaid in connection with booking.
  • We ask that a person from the group visits the kiosk to report arrival.


  • Helmets are sorted by size. Choose only ONE helmet per guest.
  • Private CE-approved alpine helmet can be used.
  • After driving, put the used helmet in a box marked «used helmets»


  • Everyone is encouraged to bring their own glasses.
  • Glasses can be rented for NOK 50 per couple if needed.
  • Any used glasses are placed in a box marked «used glasses»


  • Bring your own gloves.
  • Wear gloves throughout your stay!


  • Watch instructional video and read safety rules for tobogganing.

All helmets / glasses are washed before the next customer. You can therefore be sure that there is no risk of infection associated with tobogganing.