Our facilities are used by sports teams and federations for both training sessions and major international championships. They are also popular training venues for local athletes. For example, you can train skeletons at the bob and luge track, train strength at the Olympic Park sports center and sleep at Birkebeineren ski resort. We have everything you need for a successful workout in Lillehammer. 

Rental of surface and rooms

Håkons Hall is Norway's largest multi-use hall and therefore we have many rooms and areas available for rent for sports teams, corporate sports or groups. We are also regular hosts for annual tournaments such as the Baldus Cup, Lillehammer indoor cup and Lillehammer Cup. Contact us to add your tournament to Håkons Hall.

The hall can be converted into: 3 handball courts, 6 volleyball courts or 5 badminton courts. We also have 2 basic rooms with exercise equipment and music system.


Centrally located on the Birkebeineren Ski Stadium, you will find a good accommodation that rooms 32 people. This is absolutely perfect for training camps, ass all you need is offered in the immediate vicinity. There are possibilities for ordering meals, bed linen / towels and Olympiaparken Sports Center has all the facilities for indoor training.

Facilities: 7 Quadruple Room, 2 Twin Room, Dining Room, Kitchenware, Living Room with TV, Meeting Room with Drawer, Toilets, Laundry, Shower Facilities Separate Ladies / Gentlemen in Service Building, Wifi


The sports hall will be upgraded with additional beds, a kitchen, TV lounge / teaching room and facade in the summer of 2021.

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Our venues

Contact us for training opportunities in our arenas

Birkebeineren Ski Stadium

Lars Nes

Head of department, Birkebeineren Skistadion
+47 905 98 668

Lillehammer Olympic Bob and Luge Track

Lysgårdbakken Ski Jumping Arena

Asgeir Bjerke

Head of department, Lysgårdsbakkene Hoppanlegg
+47 481 43 990

Håkons Hall

Roar Olsen

Leader, development projects
+47 911 70 733