About the arena

The Birkebeineren ski stadium is a complete cross-country and biathlon stadium that is easily accessible at the top of Lillehammer. It was the Olympic arena for cross-country skiing and biathlon, both in '94 and the 2016 Youth Olympics.

Birkebeineren Skistadion is an ideal starting point for trips across the mountains, and is linked to a trail network on 450 km. The track network is available for trips during the summer and winter season. Where the 5 km long light slope is diligently used throughout the winter, and lights up at 22 every night.

At the stadium there are both sports and commercial events throughout the year. The major areas are suitable for events such as outdoor concerts, international competitions and training camps.

Office hours

Mon-Fri: kl. 08: 00-15: 00

Facts about Birkebeineren Skistadion

  • loudspeaker Construction
  • 36 shooting discs
  • 450 km trail network
  • 5 km light loop
  • Scoreboard
  • timing
  • Press room
  • Administration
  • finish line
  • Toilet Brakker
  • Lubricating Hall
  • Lubricating Stalls
  • Track Online
  • Large parking areas
  • Skistua Café with wardrobes, shower and toilet
  • Birkebeineren Stadium Accommodation

The shooting range

The shooting range is open from 7 a.m. to 22 p.m.

Groups wishing to use the shooting range must pre-book this directly with the Birkebeineren ski stadium. See contact information.

We always have 6 discs that cannot be booked, which are available for drop in. (first come, first served principle)

All users of the shooting range must read and follow the applicable rules. Rules for using the shooting range are posted on the house and on each side of the shooting range, or you can download the shooting range instructions here. Remember that the flag must ALWAYS be up during shooting.

Download instructions for the shooting range

From 1.1.2023 January 30 there will be license plate recognition and you will then be charged for the time you are in the area. If you drive through or out again within XNUMX minutes, you will not be charged. It will therefore be possible to drive into the area to deliver and pick up people and goods. For stays beyond this, you pay in The Apcoa Flow app within 48 hours or at the machine before departure. Here it is also possible to set up automatic withdrawals from bank cards inside The Apcoa Flow app.

Annual passes purchased via EasyPark that are valid into 2023 will be refunded for the affected months. This will happen automatically at the turn of the year.

You buy an annual pass for 2023 from Apcoa and this costs NOK 850.

Buy an annual pass


Centrally located on the Birkebeineren Ski Stadium, you will find a good accommodation that rooms 56 people. This is absolutely perfect for training camps, ass all you need is offered in the immediate vicinity. There are possibilities for ordering meals, bed linen / towels and Olympiaparken Sports Center has all the facilities for indoor training.

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