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Lillehammer snow park is the arena for tobogganing and alpine skiing. The facility was used for shot put and freestyle jumping during the 1994 Olympics. Locally, the area is known as Kanthaugen.

The toboggan run is about 1 km long and relatively slack, and in the evening it is lighted, so that driving can also take place after the sun has set. The sled is connected directly to the lift, and you sit on the sled while you are pulled to the top before you speed down the prepared route. The sleds have brakes so you decide the speed yourself.

The snow park is right next door Lysgårdbakken Ski Jumping Arena, and is often used in combination with Lysgårdsbakkene for events. Please take contact if you want to add YOUR event to Lysgårdsbakkene and the snow park!

Lillehammer snow park is used for more than just tobogganing, and was in connection with the Youth Olympics in 2016 used as an arena for snowboarding and freestyle exercises. It is also used by the Norwegian freestyle national team, and for alpine training for children and young people 3 days a week all winter.

The last part of the slope is called "Ballettbakken" (The ballet hill). Ballettbakken has become most famous in connection with the Birkebeiner ride, where people who come cycling down often have major problems with staying on the bike because of the muddy and steep ground, and it is symbolic end of the actual competition.

The other, slightly lesser known, reason for the nickname "Ballettbakken" is that the slope was used as an arena for a rehearsal branch of ski ballet before the Olympics-94 (rehearsal branch for the Olympics in '88 and '92). It was decided to drop this branch to the Olympics in '94, but the ground is still known as the ballet ground because of its history.

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