Following numerous inquiries from parents, Russians, local businesses and authorities, Lillehammer Olympiapark has reassessed the decision to close down the Landstreff Lillehammer.

A request for a responsible Russian hit with a high focus on Russian security has been unambiguous in the inquiries. Lillehammer Olympiapark has therefore made a complete turnaround, renegotiated agreements, reduced costs and will, in the time leading up to the Russian meeting in 2020, continue working with new and old partners to create a fantastic venue for the festival.

Ticket prices will also be significantly reduced for the bus and, among other things, VIP tickets will not be sold. This is to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to participate, at the same time as we want to create the least possible differences among the Russians. Sales teams are wound up and thus tickets will only be sold via As a serious player in the market, Landstreff Lillehammer should not be an intrusive player for the Russians, who are daily exposed to personal inquiries and purchase pressures.

On stage, the Russians will be able to experience some of Norway's largest artists within different genres and we will further develop the activities offered during the day.

We look forward to new times for Landstreff Lillehammer and look forward to continuing to make a safe, fun and memorable party for the Russians!

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