Fakkelforum is a corporate network with around 20 members in the Lillehammer region who work to promote common interests. The members are ambassadors and contribute to events and sports development in Lillehammer Olympia Park. Fakkelforum's community engagement supports the Lillehammer region's vision of becoming Europe's most complete winter sports region. The origin of Fakkelforum was a collaboration for laying plastic coatings in Lysgårdsbakkene, which has led to the fact that the plant is one of the most widely used in Norway in the summer. One of the other investment projects was the development of the rolling resort at Birkebeineren ski resort, which gives the region a wider sporting offer.

We thank our ambassadors for good cooperation over the years that have been looking forward to new exciting projects in the coming years.

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You can reach us by phone +61 05 42 00
Everyday events between 08: 00 - 16: 00

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The adress is post@olympiaparken.no

The Olympic Park is located close to the center of Lillehammer. Find us on the map!

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