The time has come when we now launch our new profile.
A brand new logo and graphic profile will preserve both the company's history and give a new and modern expression for the future.
There is a lot of new and exciting happening in the Olympic Park and we are delighted to have a modern expression that will be visible on all our surfaces. For us, the new logo symbolizes both history, energy and faith in the future.

Logo is of course inspired by both Olympic symbols and Olympic colors. The Olympic Park has been and is an important arena for many major events, but just as much an arena for play and joy. We think our new profile reflects our versatility.

New logo and profile enter into force 21. August 2019 and will gradually be replaced on different surfaces. First and foremost, you will see the changes on our websites and social media. Logo and profile were designed by Daniel Nordby, Digital Marketer at the Olympic Park.