How do I scan QR codes?

Most modern phones allow you to open the regular camera feature and point to the code. A link will appear on the screen. Touch this.

If this does not work, you will find instructions for the various phones here:




If this should not work, you can manually enter the direct link to each entry in your mobile browser. This link can be found just below the qr code of each challenge.

Do I need to enable mobile data?

The activity requires a small amount of mobile data to access the questions and get the opportunity to answer. Therefore, it is important that this is turned on.

Can the tasks be completed without mobile data?

No Unfortunately. 🙁

Will Challenge936 affect the battery capacity of my phone?

Challenge936 uses no more power from the mobile than other normal web surfing. The pages that are opened are customized to use as little data and power as possible.

Where's the First Challenge?

The first challenge can be found at the kiosk / elevator building at the bottom of Lysgårdsbakkene.

If you have any other problems please take contact us with us by email